Bitch 35 or maybe it was bitch 32 said I was an asshole. For a bitch working in a strip club , she is very intuitive. I don’t want to ruin it by asking her the color of George Washington’s white horse. Bitch 67 said blue. You gotta love a sexy dumb bitch. I wonder if she smokes weed or better eats those pot cookies that have me all messed up right now.

I have to send a shout out to two of my favorite lovely ladies. You know who you are. Does the nasty option ring a bell? Don’t worry I love you both and don’t believe a word I read.

Bitch64 is as crazy as me. That is a tough quality to find and she knows the color of George Washington’s white horse. I am going to miss bitch64(also known as the cbrbitch). She has always made me laugh and isn’t that what life is all about. You have to enjoy every day. Life is too short to let things bring you down. Keep smiling and laughing CBRB. I miss you always.

Lindsay Lohan finally made it on “Who Dat Bitch of the Month”. She probably could be there every month. Check her out and see her wild ride. I guess we will call her LLB. Not to confuse her with the LRB(Low Rent Bitch). I can’t take credit for that one. A good friend told me about an LRB about 20 years ago.

Yesterday I spoke with the SCB(Sexy Choice Bitch). She is good friends with the Nasty Option Bitch(NOB) from the Choice. SCB told me how she was feeling guilty because one of her customers took her out with one of her friends and he spent almost $10K. That’s right right ten thousand dollars. She got about 1/3 of it I guess you would say as a tip. I can’t say how many times I have woken up on the floor and thought what they hell did I do last night. I check my wallet and no money. I check the bank and I see that I spent $900 or more. I don’t think anyone was saying I feel bad. I always thought SCB was a lovely person and this business was not for her. Did she do anything wrong? Should she feel guilty? Post a comment and tell me what you think.

I happened upon a Xmas party at some place where many bitches work. As I sat sipping my over priced drink some DABB(Dumb Ass Blonde Bitch) decided to sit down and say hello by my grabbing my crotch. I wasn’t looking for classless but some how I found it. I tried to pay her to leave but that wasn’t working. She offered me a $300 lap dance with some other things as part of the package. I said let go of my package and NO THANK YOU! They did have a couple SSBs(Sexy Spanish Bitches) who allowed me to tip them on stage and said thank you without trying to hustle me for more.

I miss the sexy bitches from the Midwest. I always knew they were the best. SCB, CBRB, NastyOption, Bitch35, Bitch32, Bitch64, and Bitch67 all out do this Bitches here.

I may have to rethink this statement now. I guess it just took a while but I did meet some SLBs(Sexy Local Bitches) that laughed at my bad jokes and can drink with me. Now that is something. There aren’t too many like that. I don’t know them well enough to give them individual names but they can call me Gary, Jack, Kyle or whatever my name might be. How about that crazy guy or better yet “that bad man that your mom warned you about”.

Trivia question- what does bitch69 and Lindsay Lohan have in common?

Ankle monitor Okay, I gave it away . They both got to wear a little old monitoring anklet. I think it looked better on bitch67 than Lindsay Lohan. She wore it with more class as she took off her clothes at the strip club. I was a little disappointed though because it meant she had to be a good girl at least for the next few days. Good luck with that!

I saved some money instead of visiting the local strip club I decided to join some friends at a local bar. I have to say the lovely young ladies working their were very attractive. I have been their before but never seen the sexy waitress that waited on us. She was smokin hot! Her first initial in her first name is T and I was thinking T&A. It was hard not to because she had an extra sexy ass. If we had a contest on for the most sexy ass, she would be my pick as #1. Not to say the rest of her was not sexy because she definitively was one very sexy bitch. And after all that, she was a very good waitress. A perfect afternoon to get my buzz started for the day which ended in the early morning hours. It is nice to be back in town.

I haven’t written anything for a while for a number of reasons. Well tonight I got a little irritated when visiting a local strip club. I had a simple request. I wanted the lovely young lady sitting with me to have her be announced as “Bitch 34 but apparently the DJ is already “Bitch 34” so he made up some story saying “all our ladies are entertainers”. I really want to dispute that fact. The fact is that some of the bitches are entertainers. Some of the entertainers are sexy ass bitches. And some of the entertainers are damn hot ass bitches. So Mr DJ(Bitch 34) lighten up, take a chill pill, smoke some weed, take some Valium or just smile and be happy. Seriously…don’t be so serious. Get that damn stick out of your ass!

Enjoy every day because you never know when the lights go out for good!

I meant an Angel at the strip club last night. I was a little high so maybe it wasn’t real. Angels and strip clubs usually don’t go together. I never understood how you come up with a nickname as a dancer. Is there a book like people use for baby names? Is there a web site? Maybe I should write a book, “The Exotic Entertainer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Name”. I think BAA would be better, Bad Ass Angel. This young Angel was very lovely and a good reason to go back for another visit. Good Luck Angel.

Hey bitches, miss me? I have to say I was mildly amused by the new bitches at RC. It might be because I over indulged in some edibles. Nothing fucking new😀

BRB, I used to think it stood for Be Right Back. Last night I found out last night it could mean Ball Rubs at the Bar. A lovely Asian bitch(BRB Bitch) was nice enough to show the new meaning of BRB. Keep smiling love.

It has been a while since I have written anything. I had an interesting young lady the other day. Let’s call her, “Really, you were born in jail bitch” or RYWBIJ bitch.  And her friend, PGB, always makes me laugh. Enjoy the day ladies.

I traveled back to the Midwest to visit my good friend. I was too late, he decided to leave me alone in this crazy world. He and I visited many strip clubs over the years. He was always nice enough to come with me. DTC was the last place we visited together. It was the night of the roma tomato. He gave me his winter hat because it was cold. He went one way and I went another. I woke up in my hotel room not remembering how I got there. I had his hat and a receipt for a roma tomato from Whole Foods. I looked around , no tomato. Just JDC’s winter hat. I love you brother, rest in peace.  I visited DTC today and meant a Beautiful Redheaded Bitch(NBRB). I already meant a BRB so let’s call her the NBRB. I think my good friend, JDC, and would have thought the same.

My friend from the East Coast shared this hilarious video. All of you strip club customers need to listen very carefully and don’t make the same mistake. And ladies, you will never get your Booty and Boobs back.

Click on the Booty and Boobs link for a good laugh.